Episode 7
Dogtanian Meets The King

Dogtanian goes to the Musketeer's headquarters and joins the line waiting for a special guest, not realising it's him. Athos lifts him onto his shoulders and he gets a hero's welcome. When he goes in to meet Treville he finds out he can't become a Musketeer straight away, but as a reward for his bravery when fighting Widimer and the Guards he's allowed to visit the Palace Gardens.

After Dogtanian, The Three Musketeers and Treville have arrived at the Palace Dogtanian rushes off to find Juliette. He does eventually find her, but ends up in a basket of underwear. Meanwhile Treville and Richelieu are arguing with King Louis over who should guard the Palace. Richelieu thinks his guards should have the job and says the Musketeers should go a day without drawing their swords against his men. If they fail his men will guard the palace, making the King a prisoner.

As Treville is telling the men that they can't draw their swords against the Cardinal's Guards Dogtanian spots Sandy with Planchet, the stableman from Meune. Dogtanian rushes off and finds out Planchet was given Sandy as payment after the Inn closed, Dogtanian leaves to find The Three Musketeers so he can pay Planchet and get Sandy back. Dogtanian finds them being humiliated by a group of the Cardinal's Guards, the Guards then start on Dogtanian who fights back and attacks Widimer.

Dogtanian is taken to the Palace where the King finds it very funny that a small pup could beat the Cardinal's best, he punishes Dogtanian with 100 strokes, but keeps the Musketeers as his guards after finding out how bad the Cardinal's are. Treville has just started Dogtanian's punishment when Louis enters, pardons Dogtanian and gives him a bag of Francs. Dogtanian uses this to buy back Sandy and hire Planchet as his servant.

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