About is obviously about the excellent ‘kids’ cartoon Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds. I started the site for a couple of reasons, the first is simple, Dogtanian’s cool, great shoes, great hat and he carries a sword. The second was to play around with the design and tech, being a Web nerd I actually enjoy playing with html & css

Version 3

After a couple of years of not seeming to do anything to the site I’ve finally got round to redesigning it (it’s actually version 6, I rarely get round to finishing things). This version is mostly about me playing with some html5, css3, font stuff, javascript and other things that may make the site look rubbish if you’re using an old browser.

The following things were used in the making of the site, well these are the interesting things


Contact me by emailing tom @ dogtanian . net (minus the spaces)