Episode 6
Dogtanian Meets His Match

Dogtanian continues pursuing The Black Moustache, on the way out of the Musketeers headquarters he runs into Athos who's showing off his new baldric. Dogtanian tries to see the back and makes Athos look a fool when he finds out the baldric doesn't have a back. Athos challenges him to a duel, Dogtanian agrees and arranges it half an hour after his duel with Porthos. Dogtanian resumes the chase and runs into Aramis, as he's approaching he accidentally kicks a stone at Aramis' girlfriend, leading to another duel again half an hour after the duel with Athos.

Dogtanian nearly catches The Black Moustache, revealed to be Count Rochefort, but stops when the cathedral rings for 12 o'clock to fight his duel with Porthos. Captain Widimer has found out about the duels and plans to arrest all 4 of them for breaking the law. Dogtanian arrives at the back of the cathedral for the duel and finds out that Porthos has named Athos and Aramis as his seconds. He starts duelling with Porthos, after an evenly matched contest Widimer and the guards move in to arrest them.

After Dogtanian and the Three Musketeers fight off Widimer and the Guards Dogtanian offers to continue the duel, but the Musketeers agree Dogtanian is one of them and call of the duels. Before the end we find out that Milady spying on the Duke of Buckingham is a scheme of the evil Cardinal Richelieu…

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