Episode 4
The Three Invincible Musketeers

Dogtanian wakes from a dream about Juliette to the slightly less attractive sight of her uncle. Juliette's Uncle tells Dogtanian he can stay in their house as long as he wants and that Juliette is a lady-in-waiting for the Queen. Their conversation is interrupted by the sound of a fight outside, they run out to see (a slightly drunk) Athos fighting a gang of the Cardinal's Guards without drawing his sword.

Cardinal Richelieu (in a coach nearby) is angry at the easy, embarrassing defeat of his guards so Captain Widimer comes up with a plan to disgrace the Musketeers. Dogtanian, shortly after nearly picking a fight with Porthos on their first meeting, sees one of the Cardinal's Guards disguised as Porthos robbing 2 women. Dogtanian chases him to the forest where they fight, but the fake Porthos manages to get away when Widimer tries to shoot Dogtanian. Dogtanian chases the fake Porthos again, but he gets away after failing to steal Aramis' horse.

Widimer and the guards lead a mob to arrest Porthos (who's just been warned of their arrival by Athos). Before Porthos is arrested Aramis, who spied Widimer paying him, arrives with the fake Porthos. Widimer shoots the impostor before he can reveal who was behind the plot. Dogtanian, realising he was tricked, joins the 3 Musketeers as they fight the Cardinal's Guards, and stops Widimer from killing Porthos but he still gets hit in the shoulder.

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