Episode 21
The Shipwreck

The Blue Falcon, after escaping, is continuing his reign of terror on the high seas. Dogtanian, still tired from his last attempt to catch the Falcon, and the 3 Musketeers are told to catch him on the Mediterranean and bring him back to France. Cardinal Richelieu is discussing the Musketeers plan with Count Rochefort, Rochefort suggests that he also takes a sea voyage to find the Falcon first (Cue scary glowing eyes). At the waterfront Juliette gives Dogtanian a gift, unseen by anyone Milady is watching, promising I will have my revenge Dogtanian, neither you nor your friends will ever see France again.

In the ship behind Dogtanian's Rochefort's squire informs him that there's a stowaway on board, it's Widimer sleeping in a barrel. Rochefort allows him to come along, not having much choice already at sea, and Widimer promptly breaks the ladder up-to the top deck. Dogtanian is aware that they're being followed, but shortly after he spots Widimer and Rochefort a typhoon appears. After the massive storm Dogtanian and Pip end up on a small boat alone with no sign of the others, through the thick fog they see a very old ship, a Ghost Ship, but they have no choice other than boarding.

Dogtanian loses Pip when searching the ship, he goes below-decks and finds a lit candle proving there's someone aboard and eventually finds Pip. Strange things start happening, snake-like rope, dancing skeletons, strange voices and ghosts (escaped laundry to quote Pip). Milady reveals herself and the men remove their sheets and attack Dogtanian and Pip, while they're distracted Milady goes down and lays out a line of gunpowder as a fuse to blow up the ship. Milady and her men escape in a small boat, Dogtanian and Pip jump overboard and swim far enough to escape the blast. The climb into an intact barrel and float & doggy paddle their way onto an island.

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