Episode 20
Dogtanian and the Blue Falcon

All the guns in a man's shop are stolen by le Faucon Bleu (The Blue Falcon), the worst & most notorious thief and pirate in Europe. He leaves a message “Watch out tonight danger is near, for I have come to Paris”, a musketeer rides through the streets telling people to lock their doors. That night only the Police, Guards and Musketeers dare to go out, even Dogtanian has locked up the house. Outside the city the Blue Falcon and his gang of thieves are scheming, the Blue Falcon scales the city's wall to put his plan into action.

A drunk Captain Widimer is wondering the streets when an old woman calls his name, the woman is a fortune teller who tells him he'll be rich and powerful. She hands him half of a treasure map, which will lead them to the ‘Light of the Kings’ some jewels stolen from Louis XII. She reveals to Widimer and Rochefort that the other half of the the map is in a mirror somewhere in Paris. Widimer and the Guards steal every mirror in Paris, except those in the palace. The fortune teller tells Rochefort and Widimer how to get into the Queen's personal chamber to get her mirrors.

Dogtanian is visited by Aramis, Porthos and the hedgehog like Athos, Planchet comes in and tells them about the rumour spreading that the city will be set on fire. The Three Musketeers & Dogtanian go to tell Treville, Pip and Juliette go to the Queen. The rumour is part of the plan to get into the Queen's personal chamber, the Musketeers guarding the palace will have to leave to restore order in the city.

Rochefort and the fortune teller enter the Queen's bedroom and break her mirror, the second half of the treasure map is behind it. Pip and Juliette see them leaving the room, Pip follows Rochefort and tells Juliette to find Dogtanian and tell him what's happened. Pip holds onto Rochefort's horse, even when he loses all his clothes (except his underpants), until it comes to a stop. The the fortune teller reveals herself to be the Blue Falcon, Rochefort's horse had been poisoned. Pip gets on the Blue Falcon's horse while he's fighting with Rochefort and hangs on until they reach the jewels. Meanwhile Dogtanian is following the trail of Pip's clothes.

Pip, aka Mr Pippin Aloysius Squeak III, confronts the Blue Falcon when he's dug up the jewels but is quickly knocked unconscious. Dogtanian reaches the end of the trail to find Pip still unconscious, Dogtanian wakes him & hands him his clothes and they chase the Blue Falcon. When they catch up they fight, Dogtanian cuts the bag with the jewels in and puts his falling from trees training to good use. Just as the Blue Falcon's gang come over the hill the Three Musketeers arrive from the other direction, the Blue Falcon and his gang run and escape to their ship. Back at Juliette's house Pip is using the jewels as marbles and Dogtanian is bathing & daydreaming about Juliette, he's woken when Planchet pours some hot water on him, to the amusement of the watching musketeers.

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