Episode 18
The Chase

The Duke of Buckingham and Dogtanian arrive too late, Milady's ship has already left for France. Buckingham suggests they use his faster, but smaller, ship. As they catch up to the ship Milady drops some barrels at them, for no apparent reason. When this fails Milady throws a knife at the ship, cutting the sail and thwarting their chase. Dogtanian lassoes a couple of sharks, and uses Pip as bait to make them tow the ship.

Dogtanian's plan works and they board Milady's ship, Milady tries to escape but falls from the top of a mast. Buckingham and Dogtanian interrogate Milady and find out the Milady is really the Countess de Winter, they also find out why she stole the diamonds. They arrive back in France, Widimer & the Cardinal's Guards are waiting to arrest Dogtanian. The Three Musketeers are also in port and foil Widimer, leaving him and the Guards in the sea. Again.

The Three Musketeers, Dogtanian, Pip and The Duke of Buckingham speed back to the palace, knowing that they need to arrive before the party starts. The riders are on the edge of the city when King Louis enters the room, the Queen doesn't have much time. Louis is about to cue the orchestra, signifying the start of the ball, when the riders arrive at the palace. Dogtanian runs up to the Queen's room and gives her the diamonds in the nick of time.

Cardinal Richelieu and Count Rochefort leave the party quickly and run into Milady in the palace gardens, Richelieu asks her for an explanation but is confronted by Buckingham, Dogtanian, Pip and The Three Musketeers. Richelieu and Rochefort cheese it but the others chase them, Richelieu escapes but Rochefort, Dogtanian and Pip have a food fight in the palace kitchen.

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