Episode 16
Daggers and Diamonds

Dogtanian and Pip are returning to Paris but decide to stop enjoy the view and relax before returning. After Pip has made some remarks about Dogtanian's feelings about Juliette Dogtanian chases him and they run into a beautiful lady. After asking about the Dagger Dogtanian received from the Duke of Buckingham Dogtanian escorts her down to the river. “Little do Pip and Dogtanian realise that this beautiful and seductive female is none other than Milady, Cardinal Richelieu's cunning and ruthless spy.”

Milady's hat is knocked off her head, by 'the wind', into the river, Dogtanian goes to rescue it leaving most of his stuff on the bank. When Dogtanian's retrieved the hat he swims back to the river bank to find Milady has gone, along with his dagger. Pip works out what happens and they try to find her, but she's already got away. Meanwhile Rochefort is reporting to Richelieu, Buckingham has returned to England with the Queen's diamond studs, Milady enters and Richelieu tells her to go to England and bring back the diamonds.

As Dogtanian rides back into Paris The Three Musketeers spot him and ask why he's depressed. Just as the Musketeers promise to find her Milady rides past and they chase her. Dogtanian gets close enough to lasso his dagger but Milady escapes after cutting the ropes on a bridge, the Musketeers jump straight in the river and get soaked.

Milady is on her way to England to steal the diamond studs. Back at the palace Richelieu is scheming, planning a ball which will show that the Queen doesn't have the diamond studs. Juliette is trying to comfort the Queen, she suggests sending someone to England to bring back the diamond studs. Dogtanian is flipping pancakes when Juliette arrives to ask him to go to England and return the diamond studs. Dogtanian agrees, assuming he gets permission from Treville, Pip stays home to pack. Treville gives Dogtanian permission, and tells him to go with The Three Musketeers.

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