Episode 12
Dogtanian To The Rescue

Cardinal Richelieu, Count Rochefort, Milady and Captain Widimer are planning to accuse Queen Anne of treason, Widimer and Rochefort plan to guard the two secret tunnels to the palace and catch Juliette. With Richelieu also trying to prove Dogtanian tried to kill the Queen, Treville decides to keep Dogtanian in the Bastille, guarded by The Three Musketeers, until the issue is sorted.

The Queen has sent Juliette on a secret mission and she leaves through the tunnel being guarded by Widimer, she manages to get past him, but her savior is Milady in a passing coach. When Juliette realises who Milady is she jumps from the moving coach and tries to escape on foot but is caught at the top of a gorge. After a scuffle Juliette falls into the river, Milady is left holding onto a piece of her sleeve.

Milady uses the sleeve to prove she wasn't at fault for losing Juliette, the Cardinal plans to use it to lure Dogtanian and the Three Musketeers into a trap. Dogtanian falls for the trap and leaves, The Three Musketeers, sticking to their motto of ‘One for All and All for One’ and follow even though they all risk being thrown out of the corps. They arrive at the castle and Dogtanian finds a fake Juliette and he and Aramis fight the guards and Rochefort before Athos and Porthos break into the inner part of the castle.

Meanwhile Treville, realising what's going on, has planned some ‘manoeuvres’ in the same area. As The Three Musketeers and Dogtanian escape the castle they are ambushed by more of the guards. At the perfect moment Treville arrives with all the other Musketeers and arrests Dogtanian and The Three Musketeers to save them from the Cardinal.

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