Episode 10
The Great Getaway

Juliette's Uncle is kidnapped by the people who kidnapped Juliette, who's still being held in the house by Rochefort's squire. Dogtanian plans to find them both and enlists The Three Musketeers to find Juliette's Uncle while he goes to find Juliette. Juliette manages to escape outsmarting the squire who follows her with Rochefort. After Juliette falls in the river Rochefort lets her think she's escaped so she will lead him to the Duke of Buckingham.

Juliette steals a boat and sails down the river towards Paris, just as she reaches a bridge Dogtanian and Planchet cross. They try to lift the bridge but fail and Juliette falls in the water again, ever the hero Dogtanian dives in to save her forgetting he can't swim. After they've dried their clothes the owner of the boat comes by looking for it and offers them a way into Paris without being caught by Rochefort's men who are guarding the roads in. Planchet goes to tell The Three Musketeers where to meet Dogtanian. When they arrive at the Ile St Louis it's full of the Cardinal's Guards but they don't attack on Rochefort's orders and Juliette disappears. Again.

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