Episode 1
Dogtanian’s Journey

Dogtanian is fighting his rival François LaVache, son of the Mayor, with wooden swords and beats him easily. A Musketeer from Paris watches on his way to meet the noblest man in Béarn and congratulates Dogtanian on his victory. François rushes home assuming he's there to meet his father, but Dogtanian sees the Musketeer arrive at his house. We find out that Dogtanian's father is friends with Monsieur de Treville, Captain of the Musketeers.

François' mother complains to Dogtanian's mother about the bump on the head he got from fighting Dogtanian, Dogtanian's father laughs it off as 'boys will be boys'. The next morning François challenges Dogtanian to a duel at noon and with his gang sets traps to catch Dogtanian. Dogtanian outsmarts them and easily beats the gang.

Dogtanian's father decides to show him a sword is not a toy, fighting him with a real sword rather than the wooden one he uses against François. Dogtanian nearly beats his father who is surprised at his son's skills.

The next day Dogtanian's parents give him a new suit, hat, sword and Sandy and send him to Paris with a letter for Treville and join the Musketeers. Dogtanian's excited to be going, but sad that he'll have to leave his parents, his mother gives him an ointment that will cure any wound to help him on his journey. Even François says good luck as Dogtanian leaves.

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