Episode 9
Juliette Kidnapped

Dogtanian returns from the Pomme de Pup believing Juliette's stood him up. Juliette's uncle is also worried that she didn't come home, he's waiting outside the house when Count Rochefort rides up and tells him that Juliette's been kidnapped. He goes up to tell Dogtanian, who's so depressed he doesn't hear a word of it and tries to pay the rent.

Once Dogtanian has realised what's going on he sets out with Planchet and Sandy, "the only horse with the nose of a thoroughbred bloodhound", to find Juliette. They search but have to stop under a tree and continue in the morning. Juliette tries to escape from the house she's being held in, but is caught by Rochefort's squire and tied up. Although tied up Juliette still tries to escape, she moves to the window and signals with her mirror.

Sandy is the first of the trio to wake and spots a flashing light, he follows it and sees Juliette in the house. She drops the mirror for Sandy who picks it up and rides back to Dogtanian. But on the way he's spotted by Count Rochefort. Dogtanian rides to the house and sees Rochefort riding off with 'Juliette', Dogtanian chases him not realising it's a trick and eventually rides into a tree.

Back in Paris a drunken Widimer spots Aramis and his Girlfriend and tries to arrest them thinking Aramis is the Duke of Buckingham and his Girlfriend Queen Anne. After Widimer's realised his mistake and run off Aramis sees Dogtanian ride past, he's so dejected he can't even answer when Aramis asks what's wrong.

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