Episode 8
Juliette’s Secret

Dogtanian is dreaming of Juliette who's at the palace working for Queen Anne. Juliette has to take an important message The Duke of Buckingham who's hiding in Paris. Meanwhile Richelieu has suspended Captain Widimer and received a letter from Milady.

Juliette realises Widimer is spying on her (against orders). So she asks Dogtanian to go on a walk with her, much to his delight. Widimer continues to follow Juliette but she and Dogtanian manage to get away for a short time. When Widimer shows up again Dogtanian confronts him, whilst they're talking Juliette runs off for her meeting with the Duke of Buckingham. She leaves a note for Dogtanian under her umbrella, signed ‘your Juliette’, that apologises and tells him to meet her at the Pomme de Pup.

Juliette finds Buckingham and tells him the message from Queen Anne. Dogtanian asks the Three Musketeers to come to the Pomme de Pup with him and they arrive early to meet Juliette. Widimer brings some guards to the restaurant to arrest Dogtanian, but they lose the fight. Richelieu sacks Widimer for failing when Count Rochefort easily kidnapped Juliette.

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