Episode 5
Monsieur Treville, Captain of the Musketeers

Dogtanian has gone to see Monsieur Treville to join the Musketeers. When he arrives Widimer and some guards are about to arrest Aramis and Athos for drawing their swords against some of the guards. Treville comes down and sorts the problem pointing out both sides drew their swords, making it a duel, so both parties should be arrested. Before leaving Widimer spots Dogtanian and orders the guards to arrest him, a farcical chase follows, ending with Dogtanian jumping on a coach that takes him back to the Musketeers headquarters.

The Guards catch up to Dogtanian outside the headquarters and start to fight him, but Dogtanian can't unsheathe his sword. Aramis and Athos, after being disciplined, are sent by Treville to see who's fighting outside. After telling Treville it's Dogtanian fighting he goes out and stops another Widimer arrest, this time because Dogtanian hasn't unsheathed his sword.

Treville invites Dogtanian up to his office and tells him about his father's time in the army during the civil war. Treville also gives him the sword Juliette brought him in 'Paris, the City of Dreams'. Their meeting is cut short as Dogtanian sees the Black Moustache and runs out to catch him. On the way down the stairs he bumps into the still injured Porthos and challenges him to a duel

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