Episode 3
Paris, the City Of Dreams

As Dogtanian continues his long journey to Paris he's soaked by a passing coach. He catches up to the coach and complains angrily to the driver when Julliette comes out and dries him off with her handkerchief. Juliette then tells Dogtanian he's on the outskirts of Paris.

Dogtanian goes to the Musketeers' headquarters to talk to Treville, but is told he'll have to fight all the other candidates to become a Musketeer. But Dogtanian's sword was broken in the fight with The Black Moustache so he goes to buy a new one. He goes to a sword–smith but has to do a day of hard labour to afford the cheapest sword available. Juliette sees him working in the yard but when she asks the sword-smith about him he's already left. Juliette, realising the sword Dogtanian has isn't good enough to join the Musketeers, buys him an expensive sword.

After trying to find food and a place to stay, but failing due to a lack of money, Dogtanian finds a place to sleep but he's attacked by a gang of toughs and forced to move on. When he walks through Paris a guard tries to arrest him, but Dogtanian escapes and collapses in the street only to be covered in water. Dogtanian's first bit of good luck is that it's Juliette soaking him, again.

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