Episode 26
Dogtanian’s Dream Comes True

Dogtanian, Pip and The Three Musketeers have sailed back to France from Spain, Juliette is there eagerly awaiting Dogtanian's return. Cardinal Richelieu, Count Rochefort and Captain Widimer are discussing Dogtanian's return and how to get him, Widimer suggests poison - to the disgust of Rochefort who believes in the Cavalier's code of honour. Richelieu likes Widimer's plan and tells him to do it behind Rochefort's back, if he succeeds he'll become Count Widimer. Dogtanian is handing out gifts when Rochefort knocks on the door, Planchet goes to answer but only finds a note on the doorstep. The note challenges Dogtanian to a duel and warns him of Widimer's plan.

Widimer arrives and they pretend to know nothing, when he presents the poisoned wine Pip insists he has a glass. When Widimer tries to leave Planchet holds him and Dogtanian moves the glass closer to him until he admits it's poisoned. Widimer leaves in disgrace, he thinks about drinking the wine but decides to leave Richelieu's service and be a free man again. Dogtanian rides to his duel with Rochefort, against Juliette's wishes. She tells Planchet to find The Three Musketeers. As Rochefort is leaving for the duel he runs into Milady who offers to shoot Dogtanian if the duel isn't going well, Rochefort refuses saying her methods are despicable.

After a long, evenly matched and exciting duel Milady shoots Rochefort - trying to hit Dogtanian. Before she can get a dramatic pause and second shot in Aramis, who's just arrived with Athos and Porthos, throws a knife to knock the gun from her hand. Athos chases her and brings her back. Rochefort concedes defeat and vows never to pick up a sword again, Dogtanian gives him the ointment his mother gave him to heal the wound. They leave Milady in the mud as she's of no use to anyone.

Back at Dogtanian's house Planchet and Juliette have a message for Dogtanian from a messenger of the King, he has to go to the palace along with The Three Musketeers. They go fearing the King has found out about his duel. Dogtanian starts apologising to the King before Treville tells him he's there to become a Musketeer, Dogtanian's glee is matched only by Richelieu's contempt and Treville has to calm him down by telling him that everyone present must agree to his appointment. Richelieu says he's a simple priest and not a qualified judge of Dogtanian's abilities, the King accepts Rochefort's opinion in-place of Richelieu's. Richelieu is convinced Rochefort will reject the appointment leaving him blameless but Rochefort shocks everyone by recommending Dogtanian as one of the best swordsmen on the continent. Dogtanian, now in uniform, rides back with Juliette and Pip and an escort by the entire Musketeer Corps.

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