Episode 25
Milady’s Revenge

Dogtanian and The Three Musketeers have crossed the Pyrenees into Spain, looking forward to their time in the Spanish court. They're enjoying the journey too much to realise there's a stranger behind them with a carrier pigeon. They enter the city on the day of a bullfight, Pip dreams of being a matador. After Pip falls off Sandy and wakes from his daydream they hear a bull has escaped. The bull runs straight at them and they ride out of the way leaving a baby in its path. Athos leaps from his horse, takes the bull by the horns and wrestles it to the ground.

Athos enjoys the hero worship, and wine, from the locals when a beautiful woman arrives, Athos leaves with her and tells the others to have lunch. Pip is delighted with this and looks forward to his first taste of Spanish food, Porthos and Aramis are worried about Athos as he's been gone a while. The mysterious señorita is plying Athos with more wine, but the wine's been drugged, when Athos has become weak as a kitten the lady reveals herself to be Milady in a physics-defying disguise. The others receive a note telling them to come to a place marked on a map with The Lights of the King or they wont see Athos again.

The four of them enter the building where Athos is being help, unaware Milady has a band of mercenaries inside, a bloated Pip gets separated from the others and finds Athos. Pip can't reach Athos, but remembers he has the antidote to any poison and manages to throw a seed in Athos' mouth just before he's dragged outside. Aramis throws the jewels to Milady who has Athos at knifepoint, but the antidote works just in time for Athos to break free and catch the jewels. They manage to trap Milady after fighting off the men, Pip pulls her whiskers off and they let her escape and carry on to deliver the jewels to the King of Spain.

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