Episode 24
The Impostor

Dogtanian and The Three Musketeers have a mission to deliver the jewels, ‘The Lights of the King’ to the Spanish court. Porthos, Athos and Aramis are ready to leave but Dogtanian is still asleep well into the afternoon, Pip wakes him just before the Musketeers arrive. Richelieu and Rochefort have people watching them, and have told all the district governors on the route to stop them. On the way out of Paris Dogtanian gallops ahead, to the amusement of the others. Dogtanian, Pip, Sandy, The Three Musketeers and their horses rest while Widimer and Rochefort move ahead and sabotage a rope bridge.

Dogtanian, Pip and The Three Musketeers are half way across when Pip looses his nerve and runs back. Pip spots that the rope's been cut and warns them, Sandy nearly falls through the planks Widimer cut but makes it with the help of Pip who's held the rope together at the other end. Pip finds another route and meets up with the others where they've set up camp. As they're sleeping a gang of thieves steal the horses, except Sandy who resists and makes enough noise to to wake Porthos. The Three Musketeers chase the gang but can't keep up. One of the gang has been left at the campsite and reveals the district governor kidnapped his daughter and demanded 10 horses as the ransom.

Pip and Dogtanian work out the governor wants the horses as a gift for the visiting Rochefort and the 5 of them go on a crazy march to the castle to rescue the man's daughter. Pip scouts ahead able to get in the castle through a small hole and finds out the governor doesn't know Rochefort personally. Porthos comes up with a plan to pretend to be Count Rochefort, they make it in but when they're talking to the governor the real Rochefort arrives. Porthos uses the jewels to convince the governor he's Rochefort, he uses this power to have Rochefort arrested and sent back to Paris and the kidnapped girl & horses released. The girl's father gives them an antidote to any poison and they continue onto Spain. Widimer catches up-to the governor and Rochefort and confirms Rochefort's identity and gets him released.

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