Episode 23
Marco’s Mission

The Jewels were given to the former King of France by the King of Spain, Louis decides to return them as a sign of friendship, The Three Musketeers and Dogtanian have be given the honour of carrying out the mission, Treville proudly strokes his moustache. Richelieu and Rochefort have plans to stop them reaching the Spanish Court. Pip is at a show satirising Cardinal Richelieu staring a mouse called Marco. Widimer and the Cardinal's guards have been ordered to stop the show. Marco knocks Widimer off his horse, Pip joins in the fighting but doesn't help and Marco and the Ringmaster are arrested. Richelieu and Rochefort tell Marco there is a conspiracy to start a war between France and Spain and ask him to help stop it.

Pip is recovering at home when Marco visits, claiming to be Pip's long lost son. When they've corrected him Marco says his father left when he was a baby and now lives in Paris as the bell-ringer at a church. Pip volunteer's to help him and Dogtanian volunteer's himself and The Three Musketeers as well, Marco's act is so good no-one realises it's a trap. While Dogtanian and The Three Musketeers are searching in groups of 2 Marco has started leading Pip, rather than Pip guiding him. The arrive at the Notre Dame de Paris, they climb to the top of the bell-tower and Pip is ambushed and tied to the clapper. Dogtanian and The Three Musketeers rendezvous outside Juliette's house with no news of Marco's father, Marco arrives saying Pip's been kidnapped and leads them to where it happened.

Although Marco was telling the truth about the kidnapping he's lead them away from the Cathedral of Notre Dame to an unused church on the outskirts of Paris. Marco leads them into a dungeon which Widimer locks behind them. Richelieu pays Marco but Marco realises he's been tricked and goes to help Pip, Dogtanian and The Three Musketeers. He rescues Pip from Notre Dame and tells him what's happened to the others. They sprint to the abandoned church and sneak past the sleeping guards then steal the key from Widimer. Widimer wakes up just as Marco unlocks the door, Athos runs out, flattening Pip. Dogtanian has a long fight with Widimer and he's forced into the dungeon and locked in by Porthos. Rochefort frees him but says if he sees him in the next 1000 years it will be too soon.

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