Episode 22
The Jungle Adventure

Dogtanian and Pip are still stranded on the island. Pip is hungry so they walk inland to find some food, they find some fruit which Pip knocks from the top of a tree. Before Pip can tuck in they hear a strange noise and go to investigate. They find a monster with a tail where its mouth should be, also known as an elephant stuck in the mud. They go in to rescue it, Dogtanian doing most of the work, but before it's out a crocodile comes in. Pip tries to catapult a rock at the croc, but launches himself onto its back, Dogtanian tries to duel it but has to run and is caught in its mouth. The elephant uses his trunk to throw some trees on the croc and saves the day.

They ride the elephant on a tour of the jungle, seeing rhinos, monkeys and a bad mannered snake. Pip's mind is back on food and they stop at a tree to grab some fruit, but an arrow shoots through it and the sound of drums approaches. A large army of panthers, lead by a lion, surround them and stop the drumming to signal the attack. When they're running Dogtanian, Pip and the elephant fall into a ditch full of flowers and get covered by them, escaping the mob. The move onto a lake by a waterfall, the elephant is in soaking himself while Dogtanian and Pip relax by the side. They're about to step in when the panthers appear behind them, before they can do any damage the elephant calls out and 5 more larger elephants appear and chase them off.

Dogtanian and Pip return to the beach for some rest and relaxation, Pip plays with the ‘marbles’ he got from The Blue Falcon in Dogtanian and the Blue Falcon. When no ship arrives they decide to move to the other side of the island and find a cave, they walk through it and end up at the top of a cliff around a cove, with the Blue Falcon's ship below. They jump aboard and try to hide but get found by the Falcon. Dogtanian starts fighting with the Falcon on the poop deck and moves the fight up a mast, but falls off and looks doomed.

Just as the Blue Falcon has his sword on the end of Dogtanian's nose a ship appears on the horizon, the Three Musketeers arrive in the nick of time. The fight ends with the Falcon surrounded, as Pip gets back on his feet the ‘marbles’ fall out of his pocket and they're identified as the jewels. One of the boarding party calls the Musketeers and says a pirate claims to know them, it's Widimer with Count Rochefort.

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