Episode 2
Dogtanian Meets the Man with the Black Moustache

On the road to Meune Dogtanian is called a country bumpkin by a rude, impatient cavalier he nicknames 'The Black Moustache'. He tries, but fails, to catch up with The Black Moustache to defend his honour.

When Dogtanian arrives in Meune he goes to the Inn and sees The Black Moustache's horse in the stable. He asks the Inn Keeper about him (and finds his identity is secret) and eavesdrops on him and his squire. They meet downstairs and duel, with Dogtanian famously slicing an apple, but the duel is interrupted by the arrival of the mysterious Milady.

After The Black Moustache has told Milady to spy on The Duke of Buckingham Dogtanian tries to continue their duel. But the Inn Keeper and squire knock him unconscious, The Black Moustache then steals his letter to Treville. The Black Moustache also takes his money and gives it to the Inn Keeper as compensation (as promised by Dogtanian) and leaves.

Dogtanian recovers with the help of the ointment his mother gave him, but he's lost his money, his letter, his sword was broken in the fight. And he has to leave Sandy to cover the cost of the damage and continues on foot to Paris.

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