Episode 19
Dogtanian is Put to the Test

After foiling Richelieu's plan to destroy the reputation of Queen Anne Dogtanian is training to become a musketeer. This involves running up, and falling off, a tree as well as slicing leaves. While resting on the grass Dogtanian explains to Pip that he can't join the musketeers until a musketeer leaves the corps, coincidentally Aramis arrives seconds later to tell Dogtanian there's now a vacant post. But Dogtanian will have to pass some tests: sword-fighting, horse riding, swimming and a trek through the forest in the middle of the night to find a hat. During this Pip has proudly proclaimed that Dogtanian is either the best in France or the World at the tasks.

Dogtanian is confident of becoming a musketeer, but Cardinal Richelieu and Captain Widimer are planning to put a spy in the trials. Treville explains to Porthos and Athos that they will be judging the trials but they must be completely fair. Dogtanian is training again, this time riding Sandy, Pip goes on a stroll and overhears Widimer talking to the spy. He tries to tell Dogtanian but he's too busy, so Pip steals his lunch & shares it with a hungry bird.

The trails begin and Pip, Planchet and Juliette are there to cheer Dogtanian. Pip plans to do more than watch, the bird he befriended earlier flies him over the race. The spy drops a carrot at the side of the road to distract Sandy, Pip flies ahead to puts a rope across the road to slow the spy, this works for a while but he gets through and leaves Pip and the bird in the road. After being woken by a lick from Sandy Pip flies ahead again and sets up his second plan, a fake wall to jump just before the real wall. This works and Dogtanian takes the lead but finishes neck-and-neck with the spy.

The three remaining contestants must swim across the river, Pip has a plan for the race and hangs rocks from the other contestant's legs, This slows down the third contestant leaving only Dogtanian and the spy. The Three Musketeers secretly plan to help Dogtanian, against Treville's wishes, but Widimer overhears and plans to make it impossible for him to win. The spy has made it to the hat first but he's attacked by the bird, Pip and Sandy and runs off. Widimer comes by to steal the hat, but is stopped by the Three Musketeers. Dogtanian makes it through the forest and wins, the King must make it official but Richelieu and Widimer claim it was fixed so Treville postpones the appointment.

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