Episode 17
The Journey to England

Richelieu and Rochefort know The Three Musketeers & Dogtanian are going to England to recover the Queen's diamonds. Rochefort tells Richelieu that his men will intercept them and ‘finish them off, once and for all’. They arrive at the first group of Rochefort's men, who have blocked the only road through the forest, Athos, Porthos, Dogtanian and Pip go round another way while Aramis teaches Rochefort's ruffians some manners. The 4 of them come up to a traffic jam in town, the owners of the carts threaten them when they try to ride past. Athos stays to teach the mongrels some respect while Porthos, Dogtanian and Pip sneak around the other side. As Porthos and Dogtanian ride towards a bridge Dogtanian spots more of Rochefort's men, they try to pull down the roof when Porthos and Dogtanian are underneath, only Dogtanian makes it through.

Dogtanian and Pip arrive at the ship knowing they'll have to travel to England alone when they see Widimer guarding the ship. Moments later a strangely familiar old lady and child approach the ship, they've nearly made it onto the ship when the child, Pip, collapses and ruins the disguise, Dogtanian fights off Widimer and his men on the gangplank and makes it on the ship. The Three Musketeers make it just in time to wave Dogtanian off.

Dogtanian, worried about the fate of the trip, thinks of his Mother and Father and dreams of becoming a Musketeer. Then he moves onto the important business of a fishing contest with Pip, Pip wins but Dogtanian catches a giant fish that gets away. They arrive safely in London, ‘The largest and most exciting city in Europe’. Between the fops and dandies Pip spots Milady, but Dogtanian says they must go to the Duke of Buckingham to recover the diamonds. Milady reaches Buckingham's Palace before Dogtanian and Pip, the guard wont let them in until Pip show's him the dagger the Duke gave Dogtanian.

When Dogtanian and Pip get to speak to the Duke he informs them the matter has been settled, he has handed them to Milady who claimed to be a messenger for Queen Anne. The Duke of buckingham, Dogtanian and Pip ride off to catch Milady.

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