Episode 15
Dogtanian Saves the Day

Dogtanian and Pip are standing guard outside the Palace where Queen Anne and the Duke of Buckingham are having a secret meeting, a mysterious stranger is watching them from the bushes. Pip spots him and they try to talk to him but he runs, Pip is used as a missile to slow him down. Dogtanian catches him and starts a fight, The Three Musketeers arrive and make enough noise to alert the stranger so he can escape. They discuss what to do about the spy and go to ask Monsieur Treville for a pass so they can enter the Palace and find him. Pip goes to find Juliette and warn her.

Rochefort tells Richelieu that the meeting's started much to his annoyance, this annoyance leads Richelieu to try to punch his raven, but fail.

The Duke of Buckingham is led into a room by Juliette for the meeting, the same room the masked stranger has just entered. The Queen enters and she chats with The Duke before getting onto the subject of the meeting. The King's refusal of Buckingham's request to be England's ambassador to France could provoke a war. Outside Pip finds Juliette and she tells the Queen, when Pip enters he spots the spy behind the curtain, the spy fights off Pip and escapes by jumping through a third story window. The Queen has fainted from the shock of it, Pip stays with her while Juliette and Buckingham escape.

The Queen asks Juliette to deliver something to the Duke, as they leave the room we see someone else has been spying on the meeting. The delivery is a letter and some jewels, given to the Queen by King Louis, the most valuable she owns. Meanwhile Rochefort tells Richelieu about the meeting, the servant was spying for him, Widimer is given the job of intercepting the package.

Juliette leaves to deliver the package and is followed by the masked spy who's re-entered the Palace grounds. Widimer and some guards are also following her, they're spotted by Planchet who runs to tell Dogtanian. Widimer and the guards pounce and try to wrestle the jewels from Juliette's hands, the masked spy attacks them and fights the guards, Dogtanian follows seconds later from the opposite direction but Widimer grabs the jewels and passes them to Rochefort who's ridden alongside them. When everyone else has left Juliette reveals to Dogtanian that the package and letter where a fake. The Queen's plan has worked, Juliette was unharmed and the jewels have been delivered to Buckingham, he presents Dogtanian with a dagger bearing the Duke's Coat of Arms. Dogtanian spots the masked spy on the Dukes ship and the Duke reveals the man is his bodyguard.

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