Episode 14
The Search for Juliette

That upstart Dogtanian has just ruined Rochefort's plan to kidnap Juliette so he and Richelieu send 3 guards to arrest him. Planchet distracts the guards long enough for Pip to help Dogtanian and Juliette escape out the back. Pip helps out yet again when they see two more guards in front of the house, he pretends to be drunk and distracts the guards while Dogtanian and Juliette run to find Porthos at his house. Meanwhile Porthos has gone to Dogtanian's not realising there are guards there.

The guards arrest Porthos thinking he's Dogtanian, when the real Dogtanian arrives back at the house the 2 remaining Musketeers are there with Planchet. They work out that Porthos didn't reveal who he was to stall for time so Dogtanian is free to help Juliette. But Juliette has her own ideas and leaves to find the Duke of Buckingham just minutes before Dogtanian, Pip, Aramis and Athos arrive.

Rochefort tells Richelieu they have Dogtanian under guard and recommends Widimer is reinstated. Moments later a messenger walks in and informs them that Porthos, not Dogtanian, has been arrested. Making Widimer and Rochefort look bad.

Dogtanian and Pip are looking for Juliette, they find a few Juliette-a-likes but they're all other women, who Pip then insults. One of the look-a-likes has a large husband who chases them, and the final look-alike is a pig who's attracted to Dogtanian. Just when Dogtanian's given up he sees Juliette with the Duke of Buckingham. Not realising who he is Dogtanian, encourages by Pip, challenges him to a Duel. After Dogtanian's realised who the Duke is he escorts them to the Palace, but still thinks Juliette loves the Duke.

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