Episode 13
Dogtanian Meets Monsieur Pip

Juliette is still missing and her uncle has inadvertently revealed there is something in her room. At the house Dogtanian meets Monsieur Pip for the first time, catching him stealing food from the table. Dogtanian discovers that Pip's family have lived there for generations, and he's only stealing food because Juliette's Uncle has been kidnapped by the Cardinal's Guards.

Count Rochefort sneaks into the house, with some Guards, to search Juliette's room unaware Dogtanian is upstairs. Pip and Dogtanian spy on Rochefort from the ceiling, Rochefort nearly discovers them but Pip does his (excellent) impression of mice to cover the sounds. Dogtanian, eventually, works out that Rochefort and the Guards are there to catch Juliette when she returns.

Juliette arrives back at the house and is caught by the Guards on the front door, Dogtanian and Pip hear the noise and go to rescue her. Widimer tries to get in the house, badly disguised as a woman, and is caught by two guards. Dogtanian leaves the house through the back and takes out the two Guards at the front of the house before stumbling in. He jumps past Widimer and the Guards holding him and runs up to Juliette's room to defend her, they end up trapped in a room with 6 Guards outside the only door.

Juliette escapes through the window but falls into Widimer's arms, followed by Dogtanian and the 6 Guards (who break Dogtanian's fall). Dogtanian tells Widimer to let Juliette go, but Widimer has a pistol pointed at her so Dogtanian drops his sword. Just before Widimer can shoot Dogtanian the Three Musketeers arrive and stop him. Dogtanian and Juliette end up hugging and looking embarrassed.

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